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PHAST is a leading public health consultancy with expertise in epidemiology, health economics, health/environmental impact & needs assessments and equity audits.


We deliver high quality projects and training in all three traditional domains of public health; Health Promotion, Health Protection and Health Services.

We have completed over 400 projects to date. These range from health needs assessments and service reviews for individual organisations through to the national ‘Informing Healthier Choices’ programme with the Department of Health.

The critical assessment of a programme or service to ascertain how well it fulfils its stated objectives.

There are several frameworks we use to ensure an evidence based approach to measure the effectiveness, efficiency and accessibility of the service.

Health Impact Assessments.
A combination of procedures, methods and tools by which a policy, programme or plan may be judged.

HIA assesses the potential health risks and benefits entailed in any proposal in a rigorous fashion. HIA is a decision-making tool and is designed to take account of the wide range of potential effects that a proposal may have on a target population.

Health Needs Assessment.
(HNA) is an essential tool to inform commissioning and service planning

It can be defined as a systematic method of identifying the unmet health and healthcare needs of a population, and making changes to meet those unmet needs. HNA allows for appropriate targeting of resources, and involves working in partnership with other agencies, communities and service users. HNA is an excellent opportunity to involve stakeholders in service planning and increase ownership and sustainability. 

HNA may focus on specific diseases, lifestyle conditions, population groups, procedures or interventions.


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