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National Evaluation of Older People’s Pilot Programme to improve cancer outcomes

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The number of cancer deaths in elderly people in the UK is higher than in other countries. The National Cancer Equality Initiative produced a report which highlighted the importance of reducing inequalities in access to cancer treatment in the older population. http://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/old-people-rec-cancer-drugs.pdf

What was the problem?

PHAST was commissioned to undertake an evaluation of the  National Older People’s Pilot Programme. These pilots aimed to identify care pathways for older peoples’ cancer care to improve cancer outcomes and assess whether the pathways could be rolled out across the UK. 

How did PHAST help?

Five cancer networks were selected across the UK to investigate two models of care for delivering routinely Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment and practical support to older people with cancer. 
PHAST, in partnership with Macmillan, evaluated key summary data for each pilot site including NHS staff training, how to administer the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment, analyse its results and measure the impact of introducing practical support. The unique situation of each cancer network pilot site did not allow a detailed comparative analysis.

What was the Impact?

These results have led to recommendations on different ways of undertaking geriatric assessment, practical support and staff training.


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