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PHAST has a unique blend of public health expertise and pragmatic management grip.  We build teams to suit the needs of our clients and add value by applying the evidence from research into innovative and practical advice.

We offer clients:

  • Independent public health expertise
  • Public health methodologies to evaluate programmes and services.
  • Expert information and intelligence, data sources, tools and techniques
  • Evidence based and ethical decision making
  • Public health training
  • Quality assurance

We deliver high quality projects and training in all three traditional domains of public health;
Health Promotion, Health Protection and Health Services.

We have completed over 400 projects to date. These range from health needs assessments and service reviews for individual organisations through to the national 'Informing Healthier Choices' programme with the Department of Health.

We have undertaken projects for both providers and commisioners of health and social care programmes and services.  Our client list includes:

  • European Union
  • Department of Health
  • Department of Work and Pensions
  • Public Health England
  • NHS England
  • Regional Offices
  • Greater London Authority
  • Local authorites across London
  • Shire County Councils
  • CCGs across England
  • Charities such as St Mungoes, Macmillan, Diabetes UK
  • A number of International projects

We always welcome new partner opportunities to collaborate and deliver projects where client requirements might necessitate or benefit from such a partnership.  We currently have partnership ventures with public and private universities, consultancies and charities.

Latest Projects

Poorly Performing Practitioners PHAST has wide experience of investigating poor performance and working with poorly performing practitioners in all health settings including general practice acute health trusts to ensure that they are safe to practice and to improve their performance as individuals...Read more
Background: ‘There can be no health without mental health’ (WHO, 2004). This statement highlights the increasing emphasis placed on psychiatric disorders and mental ill health as a global public heath concern. In the UK it is estimated that over 1,000,000 young people suffer from some form of...Read more
Objective The City of London Corporation appointed PHAST to undertake research into the current and future public health and primary healthcare needs of City of London (City) workers. The primary objectives were to analyse existing datasets, engage key stakeholders and a sample of the City...Read more
Background: Allocation of NHS resources to geographic areas aims to provide a fair share based on consideration of population health care needs and variations in the cost of providing services. Controversies frequently arise when stakeholders believe that resources allocation methods are failing to...Read more
Background: A pilot project with short-term local authority funding sought to examine the introduction of an alternative to A&E for the immediate care of intoxicated patients assessed by London Ambulance Service (LAS) crews. Patients accessed the service via LAS 999 services in a central London...Read more
PHAST was commissioned by a SHA to provide support in identifying and improving the delivery of Quality Assurance to screening programmes and to make recommendations for implementing changes to facilitate this. Acknowledging the complexity of the screening programmes this project was considered to...Read more
In the context of the 'Health Care for London' review by Lord Ara Darzi (Health Minister), a London PCT asked PHAST to provide evidence for the provision of services in health centres in the community. The PCT wanted to make its decisions about the size and composition of these health centres based...Read more
The relationship between harmful behaviours (such as drinking too much alcohol etc.) is often not explored. Even when there is evidence that certain behaviours (for example high rates of binge drinking and high rates of unsafe sex) are related, mechanisms are not always in place to combat the link...Read more


PHAST manage Health Knowledge, used by health professionals globally.


The Public Health Action Support Team (PHAST) is a Community Interest Company that can call on over 100 qualified, experienced public health professionals (Associates).

Our Associates provide high quality, innovative, rapid results in consultancy, training, interim staff, and deliver projects related to public health, commissioning, administration and delivery.

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