Virtual Classroom: Spotting your Leadership Space – Module 1

The session will include:

  • Pre-course work and homework for reinforcement
  • Highly interactive elements and activities from beginning to end
  • Opportunities for participants to review content being presented
  • A Trainer and a Facilitator where a main role of the facilitator is to ensure participants are taking ownership of their learning and are being constantly involved
  • A survey/poll at the end of each session to evaluate its success.

Participant Objectives:

  • Discuss and share challenges in their role
  • Understand the qualities and skills needed to spot their leadership space
  • Understand their Leadership profile
  • Recognise they are able to minimise or manage current challenges in a complex multi-agency environment
  • Discover how their leadership profile results play a vital role in their success to influence stakeholders
  • Practise the concept and skills presented in this session via various activities including homework.

This training can be accessed as a standalone module, or as part of a modular suite of training as follows:

Influencing without Authority
Handling Difficult Conversations
Selling your Ideas in an Assertive Way


Discounted Fee for a multiple booking of Virtual Classroom modules (to be received by 30th April 2016):

1 module:      £120.00 + VAT 
2 modules:    £225.00 + VAT (saving of £15) *
3 modules:    £335.00 + VAT (saving of £25) *
4 modules:    £430.00 + VAT (saving of £50) *

Please note that minimum numbers apply for each module to proceed.

*All bookings must be received and paid for by the 30th April 2016 for the discount to apply. An invoice will be sent upon receipt of bookings as PAYPAL payments cannot be accepted on this occasion.


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