Selling your Business Case Effectively


Workshop Overview
This one–day workshop is aimed at those aiming to take on a PH Consultant Role who will need  to be able to formulate and present a sound business case to key stakeholders to gain their backing for new initiatives.

Learning Outcomes

  • As a result of attending the workshop participants will be able to:
  • Use a Gap Analysing Process to create a Business Case.
  • Identify the needs of key stakeholders.
  • Structure a persuasive presentation to sell their Business Case convincingly.
  • Use powerful Presentation Skills to present their recommendations and solutions to gain commitment to them.
  • Handle questions and objections from key stakeholders effectively.
  • Manage disagreements and conflicts using a collaborative approach.

Jeremy Francis BIOG: 
Jeremy’s main involvement is with organisations in the public sector and is in delivering bespoke training solutions.  His focus is on organisation development, leadership and change management training, and one-to-one coaching in the Health Sector.  


Cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances may occur at any time.  Where dates are varied by PHAST, course participants may request a full refund if the new dates are not convenient. Please see our full cancellation policy.


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