Obesity – Prevention and Intervention


Target audience:

Primarily aimed at frontline staff who work with children and young people who are above a healthy weight or at risk of becoming overweight or obese.  

This includes GPs, practice nurses, health care assistants, pharmacists, school nurses, health visitors, community health providers and teachers and includes staff who work with adults, children and ante/postnatal women.

Course content:

  • Prevalence of obesity, aetiology of obesity, local referral pathways and    weight management programmes
  • Assessment and classification of obesity (e.g. recording height, weight, body mass index, centile charts for children, waist circumference and comorbidities)
  • Raising the issue and talking about weight with patients, and assessing and harnessing motivation to change (including the psychology of the overweight family)
  • Physical activity advice for weight management
  • Nutrition advice for weight management
  • Setting SMART goals and realistic weight management plans

The training will be provided by highly experienced trainers (e.g. public health specialists, dietitians) using an interactive approach ensuring that it is practical and participative (e.g. case studies, exercises and role plays).
The training content is aligned with national guidance, evidence base and best practice. 



Should it be necessary for PHAST to cancel a course:

Cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances may occur at any time.  Where dates are varied by PHAST, course participants may request a full refund if the new dates are not convenient. Please see our full cancellation policy.


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