Futures Thinking for Health


Health strategies need to be robust to change and uncertainty. This one-day workshop will develop participants’ practical strategic skills in coping with system change and developing effective strategic responses to uncertain futures. Participants will scan the health horizon and develop some illustrative health scenarios, weaving the separate elements of change into plausible futures, highlighting threats and opportunities and considering effective programme responses.

The workshop is relevant to a wide range of NHS and Local Authority staff including medical and non medical directors, commissioning managers and community and public health specialists.

The workshop will comprise a mix of short presentations and group exercises for a practical “learning by doing” approach. It will be led by an accomplished presenter and facilitator with particular experience in the use of futures thinking in shaping innovative policies and programmes and in developing skills in futures thinking amongst a wide range of staff up to and including those at main Board/Director level. 

Participants should be involved, or about to become involved, in issues requiring looking ahead to assess future health and care needs and developing strategies and programmes to meet them.

By the end of the workshop participants will be better able to:

  • scan the horizon for important developments affecting health and care
  • think systematically about where such developments could lead
  • identify the threats and opportunities that these developments present for health strategies and programmes
  • generate strategic responses that are robust to change and uncertainty

If you would like any further information please contact Marion Deacon on marion.deacon@phast.org.uk

Course delivered by: Geoff Royston

Cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances may occur at any time.  Where dates are varied by PHAST, course participants may request a full refund if the new dates are not convenient. Please see our full cancellation policy.



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