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Obesity Care Pathway Support Package

PHAST was commissioned to develop and provide a support package that will help commissioners and providers to develop effective local obesity care pathways (adult, children & maternal).

The support package was developed in partnership with an obesity care pathway steering group and stakeholder workshop event. The steering group included representatives from commissioners, acute trusts, regional groups, and overall the combined expertise covered all 3 areas (adult, children and maternal obesity). 

The steering group met twice throughout the project and helped to guide the design and delivery of the workshop event, and content and format of the support package. The input from specific steering group representatives was particularly important during the development and writing of the support packs.

The stakeholder workshop event involved a selection of London stakeholders whose views and experiences were discussed and recommendations recorded in order to assist with developing the obesity care pathway support package.

The final support package consists of the following:


  • Workbook x 4 (children, adult, maternal and case studies) with detailed content
  • Video x 6 – interactive step-by-step guides linked to the workbooks
  • Downloadable templates with editable regions
  • Examples of case studies and best practice


  • 3 days which cover all 3 areas: children, adult and maternal obesity – i.e. each session follows the same format rather than separating out and having different sessions for the children, adult and maternal obesity support packages
  • Training days use the video and workbooks – a mixture of presentations, using the interactive tool and practical work using the workbook and templates relating it to their local area
  • The intended audience for the training workshops: obesity lead (plus members of the obesity team, members of acute trust or Local Authority).


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