Winning Tenders

This workshop is the last in a series of three sessions, exploring the tendering process for health and social care contracts.
The course is structured around one extract from a poorly written method statement and three extracts from well written method statements as examples of good practice. Participants undertake a series of group tasks and open discussions to analyse the common features of well written method statements and how to identify the key components of good answers.

Learning Objectives:
During the first part of the workshop participants will work in groups to:

  • Consider some answers to questions from actual tenders;
  • Learn to look at the answers through the eyes of an appraisal officer;
  • Identify where improvements could be made;
  • Find out how to decipher questions and work out how to prepare high scoring answers;
  • Discover the latest trends in requirements for successful health and social care tenders.

In the second part of the workshop you will look at three different models of winning tenders to:

  • Identify the key elements of a very good/excellent answer;
  • See how to organise your answer, especially in a word or space limited situation;
  • Review examples of answers from high scoring, successful tenders;
  • Compile a list of the current features of a winning tender.

This workshop is a part of a series of three sessions exploring the tendering process for Health and Social Care contracts, while each workshop can be taken on its own, it is recommended that all three are undertaken. Please see the Current Courses page of the website for further information on the Introduction to Tendering for Health and Social Care Contracts and the Preparing Effective Tenders workshops.

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