Media Training Masterclass

A one-day training seminar for NHS/Local Authority managers and staff, covering:

  • Understanding the modern media environment
  • Pitfalls and traps
  • What do journalists want
  • Creating good PR
  • Understanding broadcast media
  • TV interview tips and techniques

Paul Richards brings to media training the experience of being both a media broadcaster and interviewee, and preparing and training senior spokespeople for interviews. He has appeared on the Today programme, Newsnight, SkyNews (as a newspaper reviewer), This Morning, the Jeremy Vine Show, and most radio and TV news programmes.  He has faced Jeremy Paxman and John Humphreys. 

As a trainer, he has trained senior civil servants and public officials (for example, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) ahead of the census publication, and the HMRC), Cabinet ministers dealing with crises, and many other public figures.  

He was a special adviser at the Department of Health, and has worked as a trainer and consultant with the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), the King's Fund, and others. His first book Be Your Own Spin Doctor (1998) was a practical guide to dealing with the media.


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