Infographics – Visualising your data for maximum impact


Who is it for?
This course is designed for Public Health professionals who would like to develop their skills in creating infographics.
The emphasis of the course is on practical, hands-on learning on how to create infographics in order to maximise impact and audience engagement. It is been designed to be highly interactive and practical, focusing on the use of PowerPoint and Piktochart to design materials applicable to Public Health. 
There will be the opportunity to have one-to-one discussion about delegates' current or future projects and how infographics can be incorporated.

What is it about?
The course will introduce delegates to the concept of infographics, and how it can be used to turn Public Health data and evidence into a powerful message to influence decision-making or run a successful campaign.

It will help delegates think about how to present their data and information in a more compelling way, in order to engage audiences such as Senior Management, Councillors and residents. It will take delegates through the process in which an infographic project can be created on easily-accessible tools; PowerPoint and Piktochart.

Course Overview

  • Introduction to infographics
  • Design and planning
  • The tools of the trade
  • Creating your first infographic using Piktochart
  • Examples of practical applications of infographics in Public Health

Learning outcomes

  • Achieve an understanding of how to effectively use data visualisation and infographics in Public Health
  • Gain some knowledge about important things to consider before undertaking an infographic project
  • Get some practical hints and tips about free resources to start using infographics in your work
  • Obtain the skills to use Piktochart to start creating a simple infographic project
  • Have a working understanding about what makes a good infographic

Sarah Seager


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