Health Impact Assessment

This whole day workshop aims to provide a basic introduction to Health Impact Assessment (HIA). HIA can be a powerful process to apply to assess the potential impact on health and well-being of a wide range of policies, programmes, services and projects. It can be of particular value in generating evidence to support informed decisions and choices to maximise the potential positive and minimise adverse consequences of interventions. These interventions are often more concerned with social determinants of health and well-being such as housing, transport and community concerns as well as health and social care services.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding of the purpose, principles and methods of HIA
  • Awareness of the application of the various tools and methods that support HIA
  • Awareness of the importance of involving stakeholders and service users in the impact assessment process
  • An experience of using one or more of these tools
  • Considered how one or more of these tools and methods could be applied in the workplace

Interactive learning environment – participants will learn through presentations of theory and practical groupwork.

Target Audience:
This course is aimed at: Public health practitioners, GPs, Health Visitors, Midwives, School Nurses, Community Nurses, Environmental Health Practitioners, Police, Fire Brigade, Voluntary Sector, lay members of health and social care bodies, local authority staff and other health and social care staff.

Course delivered by:
Anthea Cooke

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