Getting the Message Across

Further to the development of the Public Health Skills and Career Framework, (more information available from PHRU, which describes the skill and knowledge needed within the public health workforce, these Interactive Learning modules have been developed in response to the strongly expressed need for a mechanism that facilitates collaboration and coherence across this diverse workforce, in order to maximise their collective contribution and underpin the influence of public health in the UK. The public health skills and career framework provides this by helping to ensure rigour and consistency of skills, competence and knowledge at all levels, regardless of professional background, and through enabling flexible public health career progression.

PHAST wishes to offer the opportunity for the public health workforce to attend five interactive learning modules that make up the component part of the skills identified:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Policy and Strategy Development
  • Collaborative Working
  • Prioritisation and Performance Management
  • Getting the Message Across

This series of workshops meets all aspects of the CMO’s 3 tiered approach and is aimed at Wider public health, Community public health, Public Health Specialists, GP’s, Practice Workers and Commissioning Managers.

Style: This interactive series of workshops consists of discussions, group work and individual exercises. Participants will work through case studies and scenarios and discuss how these can be applied to their everyday working practice. Downloadable workbooks are also available to enable participants to continue their development after the workshop.

These workshops form a series of five interactive learning modules that make up the component part of the skills identified. While each workshop can be taken on its own, it is recommended that all five workshops are undertaken.

Participants will establish their own objectives before investigating the role and objectives of marketing and different communication roles. The process of creating a communications strategy will be established and likely responses from key stakeholders will be mapped. The key messages to convey within health promotion and as well as how to effectively put your message across and respond to questions will also be discussed.

In an interactive learning environment delegates will:

  • Understand effective communication techniques
  • Knowledge of how to present material using styles and techniques appropriate for a range of audiences
  • Understand the effect that the media has on public perception, investment and decision making

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