Advanced Skills Course in Fertility Awareness


Introductory day: Saturday 11th October 2014 at St Anne’s College, Oxford

Module I – Wed & Thurs 14th & 15th October 2015 and Module II – Wed & Thurs May 2016 TBA
at 13 Norham Gardens, Oxford

The advanced skills course covers the theory and practice of fertility awareness methods for planning and avoiding pregnancy.  This intensive four-day training is relevant to doctors, nurses and midwives working in general practice, family planning, fertility clinics and sexual and reproductive health care.  FA methods are increasingly in demand from women and couples for ecological and medical reasons; cultural, religious and moral reasons or for lifestyle choice. These natural methods also help to address health inequalities across minority ethnic groups. The credibility of FA methods is well-established and they are highly effective when motivated couples are taught a combination of indicators by suitably-trained practitioners. European effectiveness studies show an overall pregnancy rate of 1.8%. (Frank-Hermann 2007) 

Aim To enable participants to achieve professional competence to offer FA methods of family planning as part of a comprehensive range of sexual and reproductive health care services.

Learning outcomes

  • Integrate FA into pre-conception, contraceptive, sexual and reproductive health consultations.
  • Examine the role of different fertility indicators and their appropriateness in specific circumstances.
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of FA methods using combined indicators for avoiding pregnancy across the reproductive lifespan.  

Teaching and learning style 
The theoretical aspects of each topic will be covered using seminar style, followed by practical applications, charting exercises and role-play.  Course materials include a course manual, workbook and laminated client teaching materials.  E-learning will be used where appropriate; and telephone and email supervision and support will be available between study days.  Formative and summative assessment will be made on theoretical aspects and the practicalities of client teaching.

Pre-course reading 
This intensive four-day course assumes that all participants attended the Fertility UK introductory day (October 11th 2014) and completed the pre-course guided reading.  Anyone who missed the introductory day will be considered for the course, provided they do additional pre-course preparation. A pre-course knowledge assessment will be administered on the first day of Module I.

Accreditation: The course will be valid for CPD credits and Faculty updating (6 CPD credits per day). A certificate of competence will be awarded to those participants who successfully complete the course. 

Participants Restricted to max 30 participants (minimum 15)

Cost: £975 (inclusive VAT)
This inclusive fee covers the four-day taught course (including lunch and refreshments); course manual, workbook and laminated teaching cards; examination fees and up to 2 hours online or telephone supervision and support during the course. Additional supervision can be arranged at participant’s own expense. Participants who do not achieve the required level of competence in their examination, will be responsible for any additional tutorial fees and re-examination costs. 

Course speakers: 
Dr Cecilia Pyper, Hon Research Fellow, NPEU, University of Oxford and Consultant to Fertility UK
Jane Knight, Fertility Nurse Specialist, Fertility UK, Oxford and London + Tutors for small groups.

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