Health Economics – Achieving Value in Hellish Times (Trainer: Greg Fell)

Course Content:

Health economics is one of the population sciences – it focuses on value and a means of making decisions between competing choices in a world of opportunity cost. It is a core component of population health care. As such it is an essential part of the armoury of the public health profession.

It can be a complex field, however, and often difficult to engage with. This workshop will focus on demystifying some of the core concepts and their application in day to day settings.

The session will focus on Economics that is actually useful in a day to day context for a public health specialist.

Style:  a combination of formal input and Interactive learning environment. Participants will use published studies to practice their appraisal skills.

This course is aimed at: Public health specialists; CCG commissioners; Clinicians in General Practice and hospital care, especially those with an interest in priority setting

Learning Objectives:

  • Give an overview of alternative means of assessing value for money, that are readily available with day to day information sources, and don’t rely on vast reams of complex data or specific expertise
  • To give an overview of some theory, some practical stuff in appraising cost effectiveness studies.
  • To give insight into the insides of the NICE process, the contents of Technology Appraisals and implementation tools
  • To give an overview of a number of contemporary methods for shifting current investment towards one that is based on improved value; including STAR, PBMA, outcome & value based payment, and novel models of contracting such as Prime Contractor

Greg Fell:
Is a public health consultant at Bradford with a focus on population health care. He has a long standing interest and expertise in a wide range of issues associated with priority setting, economics and opportunity cost. This is a significant area of his work. Greg is also a member of a NICE technology Appraisal Committee.

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