North East London Cardiovascular and Stroke Network 

The NEL Cardiovascular and Stroke Network have recently commissioned PHAST to undertake a number of external projects to support our work plans.
We have found them to be a most courteous and professional organisation. The delivery of projects have mostly been on time and the work is of a very high standard.
The associates are highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable.
Communication has been excellent throughout the project timetables.
They have a wide range of specialists and expertise. All of our work has been judged as high quality by clinicians, managers and commissioners to support ongoing work.
I would highly recommend PHAST to any organisation which requires the delivery of expert public health information from literature review to network needs assessment.

Sue Sawyer
Assistant Director,
NEL Cardiovascular and Stroke Network 

 A report of the work of the Lambeth and Southwark Public Health Team 

On behalf of Ruth Wallis and the team, I would like to thank PHAST and in particular Hannah for all the hard work in producing this Report on our achievements to date. Hannah has done a fantastic job and has been a pleasure to work with throughout. We are also very grateful to you and Peter for your input in helping us finalise this quality piece of work. We are really pleased to have this account of some of our successes to date as a joint service, before we undergo restructure and further challenges early next year.
Ruth Sheridan, Head of Public Health Strategy & Business Development

Cancer NAEDI

“The process was both supportive in that the PHAST team worked closely with the key programme and work package leads, and challenging in that areas where evaluation had indicated that further work was required to improve outcomes were flagged in an appropriately clear and assertive fashion. 
NAEDI Manager Cancer Programme DH

Homeless Strategy

 “We commissioned PHAST to develop our health strategy for homeless people. We are grateful to them for guiding us with patience, insight and good humour to the point where we are now ready to launch our strategy” 
Chief Executive, St Mungo’s 

 Informing Healthier Choices

At the end of the Informing Healthier Choices project we can show significant progress in delivering better health intelligence. Most importantly, IHC’s achievements result from effective partnership working.”  
Chief Knowledge Officer of the NHS, DH 

Adult weight management services

 “PHAST was able to provide us with expert assistance at very short notice to write up a business case for multi-disciplinary adult weight management services. Very little was required from us. Within two weeks we had a high quality compelling business case with up-to-date evidence. 
Director of Public Health, London

Needs Assessment

“PHAST gave us a coherent proposal within a very short timescale and showed a good understanding of the subject area. Commitment was shown in terms of trying to understand the needs of the customer and producing a product that stakeholders could be satisfied with” 
PH Department NHS Outer North East London 

EU evaluation of Health Impact Assessment

The professional skills (which were first rate) were more than completed by the softer people skills, which transformed the evaluation process to one of mutual learning, with feedback delivered in an impactful and timely fashion.”
Chris Brookes – UK Health Forum



Achieving Value in Hellish times

“This training event was very enjoyable and extremely relevant and useful to public health work. It gave me examples of good practice and new ideas to try out. All the participants enjoyed the way the presenter led the discussions and commented on how well the workshop was organised…” 
DPH Delegate

“everyone in a senior position should be forced to take a dose of this”

Recent Participant

Appraisal and Revalidation Training

“Our delegates were very positive about the training delivered. The level of interactivity in the session and the opportunity for discussion were highly rated and it was felt that the practical examples encouraged peer to peer group work and the exchange of ideas and sharing practice. Overall, the content of the course met the objectives of our delegates and they were happy to recommend the course to their teams.”

Health is Everyone’s Business

Health is not just about hospitals and doctors. The course really helped me to see the significant role of local authorities and the community in the wellbeing of the population”.
Health is Everyone’s Business Graduate. 

“I’m a lot more equipped to talk about health…would definitely say it gave me the confidence to promote health across all sorts of issues.”
Health is Everyone’s Business Graduate

“The opportunities [to promote health] always present themselves. I exploit these to the full.”
Health is Everyone’s Business Graduate

The Art and Science of Behaviour Change

“I really enjoyed the training. I think it should be made mandatory training for all staff.”
Physiotherapist Lead

Nudging People Towards Better Health

“The workshop provided a good overall view of bid writing techniques. It will allow me to develop my technique further and provide stimulating contribution to future projects.”
Course Participant

Introduction to Effective Bid Writing

“The workshop emphasised the importance of the written brief and to continually think about the audience and how they will read / understand the report.”
Course Participant

Fertility UK Study Day

“Excellent – I greatly enjoyed the informal relaxed style, it was thoroughly enjoyable and informative”
“An extremely informative, stimulating and enjoyable course.”
“An excellent day – extremely valuable update and networking opportunity”

Change Management Course

“I attended a six day Change Management course by PHAST as a public health specialty registrar (ST3) in 2014/15.  I found that it very much addressed my specific learning outcomes from a theoretical, but also a practical point of view.  We were all encouraged to bring current change management issues that we were facing in the workplace and collectively tried to address them in the most appropriate way.  The facilitator really helped to guide us through these scenarios and provided us with the tools required to manage the situations effectively.  The content of the course was brought to life by the very experienced and engaging facilitator, who taught the theory well but with lots of practical exercises to put what we’d learnt into action.  I would thoroughly recommend this training course to anyone working in public health.”     
Dr Kelly Mackenzie (GMC No. 6163374)
Specialty Registrar in Public Health

Strategic and Business Planning

“We commissioned PHAST to undertake the Strategic and Business Planning training with our senior management team.  It was well organised, and the trainer was keen to ensure that our specific objectives were met, both in pre-discussions and on the day.  It was an enjoyable and thought provoking day, excellently facilitated.  Undertaking the training as a team was helpful, we are now in a better position to move forward as we have a common understanding.”     
Gill Richardson
Executive Director of Public Health for Aneurin Bevan University Health Board


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