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PHAST provided Analytical and Public Health support to East London NHSFT

East London NHSFT reached the final round of bidding to provide mental health services in Bedfordshire. 

What was the problem?

The Trust needed more detailed information about Bedfordshire to support their bid.

How did PHAST help?

The Trust commissioned PHAST to provide analytical and public health support to enhance their bid. We provide
Clinician-friendly summary of existing published documents (JSNAs, health strategies, health and social care integration plans, PHE outputs, health profiles, etc). 
Innovative elements for inclusion in bid (smoking cessation, outline plan of future evaluation of services)
Semi-granular assessment of data at ward- or general practice-level, to include if possible data on determinants and risk factors for mental illness. 
Participation in a bus tour. 

What was the Impact?

The client was pleased with our work. We await the results of the bid.


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