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Homeless People Needs Assessment


It is well known that homeless people have worse health, suffer discrimination and have poor access to services.

What was the problem?
PHAST was commissioned by Suffolk County council to consider the means by which homelessness can be reduced and prevented and to make recommendations about how to provide treatment and care to vulnerable people.

How did PHAST help?
PHAST conducted a needs assessment which described the factors leading to people becoming homeless. It reported on the average age of death and the high risk of physical and mental ill health. The report also highlighted the increasing number of cases of tuberculosis among homeless people.

What was the Impact?
The needs assessment led to several recommendations related to the training of NHS staff about the special needs of homeless people and the support GPs need in treating this population. The report underlines the benefits of data sharing agreements to understand the local population. The review draws attention on the benefits of “prevention of homelessness” programs as well as providing adequate shelters to reduce the risk of contracting tuberculosis.


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