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Equitable Access to Primary Medical Care Services in Hounslow

Inequalities in health and access to health services are well documented in England, with more deprived social groups consistently experiencing poorer health outcomes. Such variations have persisted despite policy initiatives. Recently the gap between the life expectancy in the most and least deprived has widened.

The Department of Health Fair Access to Equitable Care Programme aims to contribute to tackling this problem, by providing new investment to deliver at least 100 new GP practices to the 25% of PCT's with worst provision. The commissioning PCT has been selected to receive investment funding as part of the national initiative and commissioned the report to inform their decision making on the location of new primary care medical services. The project aimed to provide rapid advice on the optimal location of new primary care medical services in the given area, based on systematic assessment of geographic variation in health care need, and current provision of primary care medical services, using immediately accessible and available sources of data.

For more information please visit http://www.hounslow.gov.uk/gp_access_project_report.pdf.


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