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Cross-Cutting Research Project

The relationship between harmful behaviours (such as drinking too much alcohol etc.) is often not explored. Even when there is evidence that certain behaviours (for example high rates of binge drinking and high rates of unsafe sex) are related, mechanisms are not always in place to combat the link. If social marketing projects can tackle related public health priorities simultaneously, then savings could be made. Despite the potential cost-benefits, it is currently unclear if there is any evidence as to the relationship between certain health behaviours, and if interventions addressing multiple health behaviours are successful.

PHAST was commissioned to answer two questions related to coronary heart disease (CHD), Mental Health and Wellbeing, and Sexual Health:

1. Are there cross-cutting multiple behavioural risk factors for the above selected health conditions? and
2. Are there interventions which address these multiple risk factors in individuals, and have they been evaluated for effectiveness?

A literature research was adapted for this project following a discussion with the commissioner, who requested a pragmatic approach to inform policy decisions.



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