C. Managing change:

Taster webinar is Managing resistance

Aim of the session

To explore the human response to change and discover the key needs of team members at each stage of the response. At the same time, discovering models with key tips and tools to enable leaders to cope with change in a practical and realistic way in order to move with energy to the new normal. 

What’s it all about? 

This taster webinar is about finding how we as humans respond to change, whatever it is, disruption due to COVID-19 or an unexpected role change in the team perhaps. Exploring key questions for a team to use in order to build awareness and robustness to cope in a disrupted world today. Finding out how to make good endings when we have lost things in a disrupted world that may not return.  


  • Define the human response to change 
  • Understand the key questions to explore as a team in order to understand what the needs of the team are at each stage of the  human response including resistance. 
  • Have a taster of some practical tips and tools to implement in making good endings when things have changed for the team
  • Defining some steps to implement in the team equip them with the ability to acknowledge and face the changes in their world.


By the end of the session delegates will be able to:

  • have a deeper understanding of the human response to change
  • explore questions that are helpful for teams to explore at each of the stages of this response
  • have practical tips and tools to implement in their team to enable a practical approach to the changes experienced by the team
  • how they can ‘make good endings’ and say farewell to stuff they may be sad about losing. 
  • have understanding of the chaos and creativity of the transition phase 
  • have understanding of essentials of embracing new beginnings in order to enable a team to deliver well and pull together.

How it will be delivered:

This will be a 1 hour interactive webinar, with a host and presenter. Participants are encouraged to be prepared to take part and share examples from their own experience of experiencing things changing, and this adds to the richness of this interactive webinar. There is no limit on the number of delegates on the webinar.


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