A. Building Resilience:

Taster webinar is Building personal resilience

Aim of the session

To give delegates a clear framework for maximising resilience in themselves, in order to avoid overwhelm and be able to perform well in life.

What’s it all about? 

Giving delegates a greater awareness of the essentials of good self-care, using 10Fs.

This is in order to identify what they need to do to fill their own tanks of resilience. This will help them to perform well in a disrupted world, avoid overwhelm which can be both energy sapping and detrimental to good mental and emotional well-being. 


  • Develop a greater understanding of the factors that build resilience, how this impacts life and working relationships
  • Understand the 10F model of resilience and how to apply it
  • Reflect on their own situation to gain awareness of the key triggers to build resilience.


By the end of the workshop delegates will be able to: 

  • Define personal resilience 
  • Explore the key 10F factors are that contribute to it
  • Identify personal triggers that limit resilience
  • Define actionable steps to build personal resilience 

How it will be delivered:

This will be a 1 hour interactive webinar, with a host and presenter. Participants are encouraged to be prepared to take part and share examples from their own experience of personal resilience, which adds to the richness of this interactive webinar. Note: there is no limit on the number of delegates on the webinar.


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