CQC inspection support

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has, from late 2023, introduced a new assessment
framework in their inspection of health care providers.
This has become a single assessment framework built on six categories of evidence. These

  • Peoples experience
  • Feedback from staff and leaders
  • Observations of care
  • Feedback from partners
  • Processes
  • Outcomes of care

The assessment framework is made up of five key questions, safe, effective, caring,
responsive and well led. Each question is underpinned by quality statements linked to the
above evidence. Ratings remain the same. (outstanding, good, requires improvement,

Two of the key reasons for change are to make their assessments and inspections more
straightforward, and secondly, that there is a simpler connect between the CQC’s
assessment of quality, linked to registration.

In our experience, we believe there will be a greater focus on the culture of an organisation
and inspections will judge whether there is an open. Innovative and transparent culture
from board to service delivery. Speaking up arrangements and their effectiveness will also
be key.

Many of the PHAST associates have significant experience in relating the five key questions
to those key categories of evidence above. PHAST has supported NHS Boards in preparing
for well led inspections and service inspections. This support has included working with
boards, executive directors, non-executive directors, divisional leadership teams, and
speaking up leaders, in supporting their preparations for a well led inspection.


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