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PHAST is presenting a poster on community models to tackle the problem of Hepatitis C Virus which is a silent disease that can lead to serious conditions such as liver cancer.

In England about 160,000 people are living with HCV. Acquisition through...Read more

'Love a Child' is a foundation set up by John Margetson to support children from poor areas of the world, who are refugees, abandoned, abused, exploited or orphaned.  The foundation currently has projects in India and Nepal with Tibetan refugee children, Burma and Ecuador. 

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On a recent visit to the field projects supported by the GEN (Grassroots Empowerment Initiative) and implemented by Indian ngo End Poverty (EP), in the Tijara Block in Rajasthan we met up with the EP field team which has been supported by PHAST for 9 months in 2013-14. This has made a...Read more

Charity:  Mama Africa, The Gambia
Project Title: Healthy Families Happy Lives
PHAST Associates: Dr Cecilia Pyper, Tasmin Pyper, Jenny Sawyer
Date: 13th January 2012

Summary of work supported by...Read more

Project Title:  Supporting a field team that backs empowerment of  villagers in the Tijara Block, Rajasthan, India
PHAST Associates:  Sue Burke, Chair of the GEN
Date:  July 2013

Summary of work supported by PHAST:...Read more

Yala Fund was set up after the 2004 Tsunami to help distressed families in the area around Yala National Park in south-eastern Sri Lanka. Yala's work has widened from the initial Tsunami aid to focus on the deprived and desperately poor of this area, mainly the children.

They repair...Read more

Community education and empowerment. The Educate a Child Trust was started by Dr. Pramilla Senanayake, who lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka. For more than 20 years, she has been working with the children and families of Kalutara, Sri Lanka. Prior to the tsunami in 2004, Dr....Read more

PHAST manage Health Knowledge, used by health professionals globally.


The Public Health Action Support Team (PHAST) is a Community Interest Company that can call on over 100 qualified, experienced public health professionals (Associates).

Our Associates provide high quality, innovative, rapid results in consultancy, training, interim staff, and deliver projects related to public health, commissioning, administration and delivery.

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