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Health Services

Inequalities in health and access to health services are well documented in England, with more deprived social groups consistently experiencing poorer health outcomes. Such variations have persisted despite policy initiatives. Recently the gap between the life expectancy in the most and least...Read more

HealthKnowledge is a special online learning and teaching resource, providing fast and easy access to an interactive library of public health knowledge and information. HealthKnowledge was initially created to support the revision process for Public Health Specialist Registrars and...Read more

PHAST worked with St Mungo's to develop their Health Strategy for Homeless People 2008 - 2011. St Mungo’s have an established reputation for engaging with, accommodating and treating some of the most vulnerable individuals in society. They recognised that the current changes to the statutory health and local authority sectors, in terms of structure, function and funding made it an ideal time to procure better healthcare for their residents.Read more


PHAST manage Health Knowledge, used by health professionals globally.


The Public Health Action Support Team (PHAST) is a Community Interest Company that can call on over 100 qualified, experienced public health professionals (Associates).

Our Associates provide high quality, innovative, rapid results in consultancy, training, interim staff, and deliver projects related to public health, commissioning, administration and delivery.