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PHAST is a social enterprise, which means that we are not for profit and that our patrons and directors give their time for free. We keep our costs as low as possible for clients whilst supplying high quality work.


In every project we build in a very small contingency fund which if not used goes to support new developments for clients to support a number of different charities.


Each year PHAST decides how to donate the small surplus we have. We give priority to the charities that our directors and associates support both through fund raising and often by taking time to work for in the charities between their project and training work. 


We believe that this is fulfilling our social mission and we are very proud of and grateful to the associates who give so freely of their time to charities in UK and internationally.


Here are some examples of our work.

‘Sounds Wild’ offers children and young adults with special needs exploratory interactive sessions in the natural world, combining music and nature to inspire and instil a sense of wonder and appreciation of the natural environment.

In the summer term of 2014, fifty pupils with a range of...Read more

'Love a Child' is a foundation set up by John Margetson to support children from poor areas of the world, who are refugees, abandoned, abused, exploited or orphaned.  The foundation currently has projects in India and Nepal with Tibetan refugee children, Burma and Ecuador. 

...Read more

Enabling people affected by mental ill health to lead fulfilling and productive lives by providing services in the community and by working with carers, family members, health and social care professionals and employers.

They have developed a number of different and high quality services...Read more

Is a multidisciplinary network of primary care professionals and organisations committed to research in primary care.
WeLReN's overall aim is the building of a primary care research infrastructure within the NW London Strategic Health Authority area. WeLReN funds and assists research...Read more

People lose contact with friends and family for many reasons such as getting older, disability, or illness. Loneliness and social isolation have a negative affect on health and well-being.  Community Network help and comfort those who feel isolated using a simple but effective tool - a voice at...Read more

Today, St Mungo’s is Britain's largest charity supporting people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. They provide a bed, warm room and so much more to thousands of people in London and across the South - from hostels to semi-independent flats, from psychotherapy services to peer support, from life-skills to job opportunities.
Each night they provide supportive housing for around 1,900 people and manage more than 200 housing, health and work projects across London and the South.Read more

On a recent visit to the field projects supported by the GEN (Grassroots Empowerment Initiative) and implemented by Indian ngo End Poverty (EP), in the Tijara Block in Rajasthan we met up with the EP field team which has been supported by PHAST for 9 months in 2013-14. This has made a...Read more

Charity:  Mama Africa, The Gambia
Project Title: Healthy Families Happy Lives
PHAST Associates: Dr Cecilia Pyper, Tasmin Pyper, Jenny Sawyer
Date: 13th January 2012

Summary of work supported by...Read more

Project Title:  Supporting a field team that backs empowerment of  villagers in the Tijara Block, Rajasthan, India
PHAST Associates:  Sue Burke, Chair of the GEN
Date:  July 2013

Summary of work supported by PHAST:...Read more

Yala Fund was set up after the 2004 Tsunami to help distressed families in the area around Yala National Park in south-eastern Sri Lanka. Yala's work has widened from the initial Tsunami aid to focus on the deprived and desperately poor of this area, mainly the children.

They repair...Read more


PHAST manage Health Knowledge, used by health professionals globally.


The Public Health Action Support Team (PHAST) is a Community Interest Company that can call on over 100 qualified, experienced public health professionals (Associates).

Our Associates provide high quality, innovative, rapid results in consultancy, training, interim staff, and deliver projects related to public health, commissioning, administration and delivery.

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